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Irish Training Solutions was set up by former members of The Army Ranger Wing, Ireland’s Special Forces Elite.

Our courses are designed and delivered by experienced instructors who deliver today’s best practices involving real-life case studies. Irish Training Solutions offers accredited and bespoke education and training courses nationally and internationally. We prepare your staff to deal with conflict and crisis.

Protecting employees, customers, assets, and reputations is paramount to every organisation. We partner with our clients to assess their training needs and design a learning and development solution specific to their organisation.

Continuous training is an essential element of performance management that can provide a great return on investment while improving overall productivity. A dedicated training program can impact everything from recruitment and retention to performance.

Security & Risk Management

Duty of Care is more than a general notion; it is a legal requirement. Organisations must ensure that reasonable measures are taken to ensure their employees' or volunteers' safety and security.

We have a comprehensive course portfolio to cover security & risk management scenarios for your business

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Overseas Security

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Our Mission Statement

Our journey begins with our mission, the pillar we build upon. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

To provide bespoke training tailored to meet each client’s needs whilst creating a learning environment that provides innovative and exciting learning experiences for all learners and staff.

To engage with people from all walks of life, communities, partnerships, races, religions, and abilities, be they employed or unemployed.

To empower those we meet to achieve skills, knowledge, qualifications and information to enhance their life, community and families.

Our Bespoke Services


• Personal Awareness Security Training (PSAT)
• Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
• Medical


• Executive Protection Training
• Discrete Security Operative
• Hostile Environment Close Protection


• Kidnap and Hostage Training
• Terrorism & Violent Attacks
• Dealing with Natural Disaster


• Level 3 Close Protection Training (Highfield UK)
• Level 3 Education and Training (Highfield UK)
• Security Guard Training - QQI
• Door Supervisor – QQI
• Medical - PHECC

Our Value Proposition


To help your employees become all they can be, you need an accurate and up-to-date picture of their strengths and weaknesses. Continuous training allows managers to evaluate employees more accurately, which in turn helps foster improvements in areas where employees could benefit most.


We’ll show that continuous training is an essential element of performance management that can provide a great return on investment while improving overall productivity.


Working with our panel of expert trainers, coaches and partners, our approach focuses on developing and delivering practical programmes which result in real behavioural change in line with your objectives, which have been identified at the beginning of the process.

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